Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Collage Mania 2009

"In the Woods 27" by Liz Berg and "Wild Turkey " by Pokey Bolton

Collage Mania opens it's "door" at 10am central. That means that starting at that time you can acquire fabulous artworks for a donation to the American Cancer Society. Go check out how it works and the 383 collages available. It is going to be hard to decide as I cannot afford to buy more than one and I have at least 4 "coup de coeur" and many other favorite. My email is all ready to be sent to Virginia Spiegel. I will only have to press enter when it is time. Wish me luck or/and join me in this exciting event.


Margaret said...

Roxane, your email address isn't working - I tried to send you an email you about the book but it failed to deliver. Can you contact me please?

roxanestoner said...

Thank you Margaret, I had no idea... I am traveling to Arizona to my daughter's graduation from College. I am sending you an email right away let me know if you get it and let me know if you send me another one. Thanks.

BookPlease said...

Thanks Roxane. I got your email and have sent you one. Have a great weekend with your daughter.

Anonymous said...

congrats to Emily! Have fun on your trip. I am returning on Wednesday, can't wait. Love the collage.
Linda K.