Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where did 2008 go?

This year feels like it never happened to me. It is just a blurr, a trick of the calendar. Where did it all go??? When I do retrace my steps through 2008 I remember then... It has been a strange year but there was some very good times. It was the year where I could not stay in the studio long enough to do anything. I got to learn many things but didn't get to apply many of them. It was the year that Curt's Cousins came to visit with his Aunt Leona. It was the year that Dominique and Martin came to visit. It was the year my children were not home for Christmas. It was the year I visited California three times, Colorado and Arizona once. It was the year that Bunny turned 60, and the year Nancy turned 50. It was the year that Bunny and Mimi discovered Homer. It was the year I didn't get to go to France and see my family. It is the year that Curt turned 50. So I should not feel the way I feel about 2008, it really happened and I have a lot of entries on this blog to prove it. I am looking forward to start 2009 in the studio though. That is my goal to get as much time as possible in there. I started reorganizing it a year ago and still have some work to do like the lighting and some few piles that need disappearing. All righty then, I am ready!!! Let's turn the page and start a new chapter.


Nanc said...

Happy New Year, Roxane!

roxanestoner said...

Happy New Year to you too, Nancy!
Soak up that sun in Colorado for the rest of us, please. I am going to miss you.

Anonymous said...

This photograph is perfect. You need to teach me a thing or two the next time I visit. Tell Curt I have been eating alot more Sushi since he got me to try some.

roxanestoner said...

Oh Rick, I had missed responding to your nice email. I appologize. Thank you for the compliment. You should have been there it was amazing. The light, the wind, the cold, something else. Sushi hey? So what is your favorite?