Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More fun in Ventura

I got to go out few times in the evenings for different activities. One of them was to see Robert Schimmel at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. This guy is a comedian of some reputation and has a real filthy mouth but I was laughing the whole entire time. One joke after the other it was incredible. I was just glad that my kids were not with us as it would have been most embarrassing to listen to that show with them... It was a very nice evening. The other comedian that night was also funny in a more subdued way but I cannot remember his name. One of his joke was that Obama needs to get the troops out of Iraq because he needs them to protect him... that was funny I thought. Then I went to see the movie "Australia". Well that was a movie that had a lot to see (3hrs). You could laugh and be surprise and get to admire Hugh Jackman's gorgeous body, fall in love with the little Australian boy who plays one of the leading roles, enjoy the amazing countryside and colors of Australia and get a bit of historical facts in between, of course Nicole Kidman is fabulous. The filming is surprising with a mix of graphics. I just enjoyed it very much. It is a sort of parody or at least it was for me. So that was a great surprise, Cynthia, Emily and I had set off to see a totally different movie that happened to not show anymore.
On Saturday night after a nice walk on the beach, a nice diner in a Vegan Restaurant (Mary's Secret Garden) we ended up at Zoey's a nice place at the end of an alley in Downtown Ventura where you can listen to music have a bite to eat or just a glass of wine. That evening we were serenaded by a nice young man and then a group of three people named "Threes and Nines". Both venues were exquisite. Young people with lots to say about the environment relationship and personal feelings all expressed with great beat, great music and strong voices. Just fun, fun, fun. I hope that I get to see them play again in the future. In the meantime I am waiting for their first CD to be released.
What else...
Well I enjoyed spending time with my nieces: Madison and Delaney. I even helped by taking pictures of the girls for their traditional Christmas photo shoot. The one that enjoyed it the most was Coco who was a professional model gazing at the camera with an air of grande dame. Too funny!
Gaylene was doing very well and we got to go on a ride to the Nut House... in Somis. We bought some goodies there and then moved on to Santa Paula a little Mexican town with lots of history. To illustrate the evolution and diversity of the town the city has asked different artists to do murals throughout the downtown area. So we picked up a map at the museum and had a little driving tour around and took pictures of the murals. One of them is in front of a gorgeous Australian fig tree. A lot younger than the one in Santa Barbara but still was planted in 1879 so is 129 years old. See for yourself.

Gaylene and Dina taught me to play Mexican Train Dominoes. I lost!!! But I am getting better and understanding the strategy a bit better. I might try to find friends that would be interested to playing games. I used to play Scrabble and Gin Rummy and Canasta and loved it. Oh and another thing that happened. For two nights straight I heard a whole herd of Coyotes barking and howling in the night. Bob and Cynthia's House in on the edge of a huge field where there is some wild life activity. Those were really strange noises to hear so close to an urban area.
That just wraps up this Thanksgiving week where fun things happened in my life.

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