Saturday, November 1, 2008

Very chilled!

Once again in my corner of the World where the temperature outside is around 10 degrees F right now (it goes up to 24 during the day). Yes we have snow on the lawn. No complaint so far because the sunshine is still with us bright and clear. Sunrises and Sunsets have the most amazing alpenglows.
So another Halloween done. We had only three children showing at our house (2 princesses wearing ski jackets and snow pants under their pink taffeta dresses and 1 monster). Understandable with those type of temperatures.
Anyway I want to go back in time a little bit. Just at the beginning of September when my friends Bunny and Mimi came for a visit. We ended up in Homer and the Sandhill cranes were about to take their long flight to Japan. We stayed in a little house with the most outstanding view of Kachamak Bay. We had a field of Raspberries to our left and a bit further a flock of Sandhill Cranes getting fat on whatever was on that field. I have been wanting to add these pictures for quite a while to the blog. It was another fantastic time.

We got to the Salty Dog for a local beer on the Spit.
Fun, fun and more fun. Thank you girls to come to visit me.


Deb H said...

Ahhh.I love Homer.

We had no trick-or-treaters. Too cold & too far into the woods.

roxanestoner said...

Homer is what I call Beauty Max! I could move there instantly.
Stay warm.