Saturday, November 15, 2008

Enough Politics!

Ok now a bit of fun with what I have been doing in the past few weeks. First I spend a whole Saturday sewing projects with 16 other quilters of the Chugach Mountain Quilt Guild of Eagle River. I ended up with many patterns (7 or 8 I believe) and 3 projects nearly completed.
A tote bag big enough to put all my groceries in one bag. (not sure if I can hold the whole lot though....), a table runner with a Fall flavor (thankgivinish I guess), and a journal cover. This little thing is the bead at the end of the signet attached to the journal.
I am working slowly on two quilts.
One is the "Urban Legend", I am adding beads around the face like branches in two different tones. The other quilt is a part of "Treeptyck". I am done appliqueing it on the turquoise and brown background.

I have done some jewelry. Those are Christmas presents so no pictures yet.

I do want to show you all the goodies that I got from the "Breaking Traditions Show". It was soo nice to participate.
Finally I am working on a quilt that represents a view of Fish Lake in the Matanuska glacier valley for my friend Lorraine. It is in the first planning. Sketching different views. But even at this early stage I have had a great idea that I can't wait to try out... to be continued!!!

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