Saturday, March 3, 2007

Back on the Riviera

I arrived in Marseille without any problems. Ryannair was a good company to fly with. The only problem with it was the restriction of a 15 kilo maximum weight in one suitcase... that was a bit tight but it was a good thing to work out for me as I always pack too much and too heavy. When I got in Marseille the Renault personnal was here to great me and it took me about 15mn to get my new Clio light grey. The gas station was just around the corner and that was easy to fill up. The problem was later when I looked for a phone card, a lit phone booth that would work and chase pottential highjackers.... I did have a little scare with two guys and two dogs in a car that looked a bit suspiscious around my car and waited for me and followed my car for a while. I was faster!!!!!!!!! Anyway instead of spending the night at my Sister's I ended back in Golfe Juan at my Mom's. Somehow I took the wrong turn at one point and after trying to call again from various places I just decided to go on to Cannes. So that is my story... Yesterday my Mom and I just stayed in Cannes for the day and we ended up the day watching "Seven Years in Tibet" one of my favorite movies. I have a bit of a problem with downloading pictures with my computer. I have to figure it out, I want to add more pictures on this blog of the last days of Portugal.
Today I am going to visit the Museum of Anatole Jakowsky in Nice. All the primitive paintings that I love in a lovely park. The exhibit is changing next week so I will get to see two different special exhibits before I leave. I can be very greedy sometimes...
Got to go get ready, Ciao!

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