Sunday, March 25, 2007

3 avenue de Grignan a Nice

This is the apartement that belonged to my Dad. I lived there as a teenager going to school and working. I stayed there about 4 years. My Godmother lives on the second floor of the villa. My Cousin has an apartement adjacent as mine.
There is lots of work to do in that little place. It has been a storage unit for about 25 years and dust has accumulated. I have empteed it and then added few pieces of furnitures and then few things that my Sister was letting go. My aunt Corinne gave me the first piece of furniture which is the little armchair. My Mom gave me the desk with the S's on the side and the marble top white wash cabinet. The secretary is from my Grandmother and I am planning on restauring it to it's better days on my next trip.
So you can see some of the garden part and the entrance with the soon to be fixed glass hawning.
The bathroom is out of service for the moment and will be another project for my next trip.
I am back now in Alaska but wanted to post what I couldn't in the last 10 days because of download problems and time crunching.

More to come...

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