Saturday, August 16, 2008

With One Voice

Blaines is a art supply shop in Anchorage that involves the community to paint a mural every year. This year is pretty fun and I spotted this namaste poser... I like it.

But now to go the subject of this post:
I have made a little quilt for the exhibit organized by Lynn Krawczyk a mixed media artist with a big heart. She is behind the "Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit". This year's theme is "With One Voice". I do have a link to the right of the blog entries if you are interested to know more about it. What came to me right away was the idea of the unsung heroes in each communities that volunteer and work like little elves in the background. The ones that will do what needs to be done without being asked. Three of my friends in Eagle River are part of those and I thought it would be nice to honor them in this little quilt. Anyway after cogitating a bit about what I was going to do to illustrate my thoughts I decided to use a piece I had painted few years back on canvas. I also had made a stamp with birds/angels and had played with them in small format fabric piece. I have made a couple of quilts with them already (this one is called "Nature in Flight")and wanted to use three of them on that project. So I cut the canvas to the required 12 inches size than added the three angels/birds. I quilted the little piece then embellished it with few beads and it is done. Here it is I had to make a little blurb about it:

"Terry, Della, Diana"

In my little community of Eagle River, Alaska, three women have shown up every time someone was needed. They are the first one to volunteer when others are running away They find ways to make things happen. They have made hundreds of quilts for homeless children, hats for cancer patients, shawls, blankets... No matter how busy and challenging their lives are they are looking after the well being of family, friends and others. They are an inspiration to me an every one that knows them. They are part of thousands of unsung heroes around the world symbolized by "One Voice" that travels through the human spirit toward hope and a brighter future.

Other than that Bears are really active around the neighborhood. Black bears and brown... A bit scary to take Gaia outside those days. Our little walks are pretty short.
On the balcony today I had two blue Jays and a Magpie. They were talking to each other in a pretty exited way. Then one was being curious. I love their colors.


Iliana said...

What a wonderful way to honor people that make a difference. Your quilt is lovely - I cannot even imagine how long that must have taken! :)

roxanestoner said...

Thanks Iliana.

Anonymous said...

Je suis très fière d'avoir une soeur qui fasse de si belles choses. J'aime tout ce que tu fais ! On y sent tout ton coeur. Bises de ta soeur.Carol

roxanestoner said...

Merci Grande Soeur, tes mots me rechauffe le coeur. Grosses Bises
de ta soeur qui t'aime