Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello Hello

A month has passed since I have made an entry. Life has happened. Many things. I enjoyed having company visiting us(Curt with his Aunt Leonna). I went to Homer and Seward. I got three awards for a little quilt I made for the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River. (this was the very terrible sketch that first came about, this is the final product and here is a close up of the face , oh the name of the quilt is "Running Away from the Circus" and it went to a very good home, my friend Lorraine got it at the auction). I went to see the new Batman Movie and loved it. I was terrified by the way people were reacting in the movie theater. Laughing at the Joker's mean doings. Some were actually cheering him on!!!! What is up with that??? I am working again in the studio. I broke my vows not to touch anything in there until it was totally organized. Well after more than 6months not doing anything I couldn't anymore "not do"... I had to do! So it feels fantastic to cut, sew, and play with fabric again. I also turned 49. Another year of youth so I hear but I refuse to go easy into old age. I will kick and whine all the way. You might translate that into Dance and Drink all the way.... knowing me that will be more appropriate. I have filled my days with Yoga also. I enjoy more an more this discipline. I call it this way because I have finally found something that I consider exercise that I can get passionate about. That is a first. In the last few years my idea of exercise has been going up and down the stairs of my house. I have a three story home and seem to go up and down all the time. It explains some of the mood changes occurring here too by the dwellers of this abode... No elaboration on this subject. Where was I? Oh yeah... Yoga! So I go now 4 times a week and I am planning on adding some two more sessions at home on my own. We shall see. That is why I call it discipline. Dedication is another term that would work for my new self. Yeah well maybe that is what getting old will mean to me. Starting to follow a new regimented life of Yoga, Dance and Wine.....

So Iadded some random pictures of what has happened. No many labels as it would take more than this site to explain everything that has been going on around here. (at the Salty Dog Saloon in Homer) Emily is still around for a week or so. She made me a fabulous Chocolate Mocha Birthday cake with Agave Nectar so no bad sugar. It was divine. Paul was my first Phone call of the day and that warmed my heart. Thank you to all my wonderful Family and Friends that took the time to call on my BD. I will get back on the blogging world more regularly from now on, I hope.


Anonymous said...

I love the sunset pic of Homer. Mom and Curt look happy too.

Nanc said...

Great pictures, Roxane! I love your little quilt! That is so cute!