Monday, June 4, 2007

I can photograph my artwork....

Today I took a class with Jeffrey Bruce an artist photographer from Quincy, Illinois. He also takes pictures of art works for artists, museums, gallery and schools. After listening to his advice I feel that I will be able to successfully take pictures of my stuff from now. We shall see what he thinks of my result since he has asked for his students to send photos after we get home of what we can do. I am looking forward to experiment with that new knowledge.
The day has gone pretty quickly and we are all three pretty exhausted. It is a lot of stimulation in such a short amount of time.
So we are having a glass of wine.... To you health of course.

Yesterday the night ended in an Irish pub where we had live Irish music. So fun. I tried a Whiskey that I actually liked... I usually hate that stuff. It was a Scotch called Macallans.

We also took a long walk along the canal that crosses the Plaza part of Kansas, just down the hill from our hotel. The pictures at the top of the blog were taken there.
Can you see the giant Fireflies dancing in the columns of light?
Tomorrow I am going to do some solo work with colors. I have a book on colors explaining the origin of some interesting pigments (Color by Victoria Finlay). I will read a chapter each day and experiment with that particular color. I have brought my watercolor and gouache. Should be good. The campus has nice little tables and chairs throughout and gorgeous giant trees. I will be claiming one to work. We still have lectures in the evening by the way and the one scheduled for tomorrow is given by a teacher from a Buddhist University. Her name is Sue Hammond West. She is teaching a class called "Art as Quiet". Picking in a class someone said reported that today they were not talking... That is quiet. I am eager to check the results in this class.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roxane,

It seems you have had an amazing trip. Love your pictures! I'm back to beautiful Alaska from Denver crazies.


Anonymous said...


I was showing your blog to Joanna & Marianne. Do you have any pix of Halibut Cove on the blog??

Love Curt