Saturday, June 2, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!!!!

Between today and yesterday it has been really busy. It is really hard to assimilate all that is seen and learned. I have taken many notes during the lectures and many photos so I can revue all that at my leasure. Still it is fun and different from previous conferences that I have attended.

Yesterday we did the first Friday and I have some pictures to show our experiences. Also we ate at a restaurant called Lidia (Bastianich). She has a show on tv... Are you impressed yet? It was wonderful. I had Gnocchis with bits of roasted duck. Delicious! I had dessert too.... A custard with Rhubarb with a little taste of lemon with it. Just fantastic.

When we were inside the rain started and it was really nasty for a while but just for an hour. The sun came back and stayed until we were at the hotel later. Here are some pictures of the beautiful artwork that we saw. This one is a cloud in the grey sky all lit up by the sun setting. He looks like a profile of a person. Of course!
I love him!

Today we had four lectures!!! One covering "Fashion or antifashion in America". given by Melissa Leventon. Very academic. Nice slides. Very interesting but a bit long... Then it was Carter Smith again with a talk about Dyeing process and slides of his own work and shows that he recently had in Korea and Japan. Then I took a nice long walk for lunch to the Grocery store and then it was back in the auditorium for "Unconventional Materials Another Form of Expression by Chunghie Lee. She has a very strong accent which made me pay attention even more to all the words that she said. She was explaining her classes and the experiences of her students with the assignments that she gives them. So nice and fresh ideas on how to approach new projects. Then it was Poetry of the visual given by Jo Stealy. A very good artist who works with paper and makes tiny vessels that she hides in shrines. She shows many different works of artists that bring poetry in their work and what explained the five elements that in her opinions makes them be successful in representing Poetry. Those are Form, concept, technique, process and material. Again it was a bit long and I had had enough of sitting inside a room and couldn't not stay immobile... So it was so nice to walk to the restaurant Grand Street Cafe. I had a Crab and Avocado Parfait and a Leek and Potatoe soup.

Then it was time to get all dolled up for an evening of fun at the Folly Theater at the Crossroads for a Fashion Show. That was worth the effort of taking a school bus for 20mn in a very hot and windy late afternoon. The set was particularly clever with two images of Chinese shadows. They were doing yoga, martial art, ballet. The models were beautiful of course and some outfits were exquisit. So here we are... Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and then the workshops will start. I have been very impatient to work on something. All that stimulation is making me want to create right now and not in two days but they keep us really busy so no time. Of course there is time to blog...ahhahhaha.

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