Sunday, August 2, 2015


It had been years since I had gone to Oceanside, WA. A very sad scene was waiting for me. Picture a beautiful ocean waves crashing on the sand but rows of cars parked in front of it on the sand. Hundreds of people there between the car playing, napping, kites flying high, making sand castles, dogs, children, cars driving between those rows on the sand, children having to pay attention to the traffic on the beach. A mad mess and scattered everywhere for miles, feathers of dead seagulls embeded in the sand, rolled over by cars. How can we accept this type of standard and be ok with it. I felt sick. I had to anchor my heart into something else than all this. So I started to shoot some photo allienating the ugly and finding beauty to save this moment and save my soul.

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Sandra Moreano said...

That is terrible, how can a society let this happen to our beaches??