Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Night Was a Trip!!!!

 A trip to Capitol Hill in Seattle at 9:30 pm  for a book release at the legendary Elliott Bay Book Company. Well Capitol Hill was booming in ways that I didn't expect. It was a pretty chilly night around 36 F. You would not have thought so looking around. A group of young people were playing some kind of a game in a small basketball court on their bicycle (didn't know that game). They were having such a good time it was contagious. Then after parking the car (only a 100yards from the bookstore by the way) I glanced in a small shop that happened to be an ice cream parlor. About eight customers in there were having an ice cream..... It was invented by Eskimos so I guess it is the right thing to consume in a cold night. I was more looking for something hot and full of caffeine for myself though.

After paying for my preordered book and put my name in a bowl for a chance to get a signed copy of Huraki Murakami's new book "1Q84" , I browsed the store. Nice store, with a great selection that made me salivate a lot. Their poetry selection occupied me for a long while, then the art section on African Art, and their Graphic Novels, and again their fiction shelves, their magazines racks. My self control was set on maximum, I was getting dizzy, I was bargaining with myself, justifying why I needed everything I was touching!!! I am very proud to report that I stuck to only purchasing what I had come for: one book and that choice had been made before even coming here. A tragedy in itself! but a brake through in self-discipline... The clock stroke 12 and then the suspense got really thick, and after the booksellers gave away about 19 of the signed  copies on hand to 19 other people than meeeeee.      I heard my name!!!!! Oh Joy!!!!

My lunatic venture had been rewarded.... It is a very nice dense book with oh so soft pages and a lovely font. I had to celebrate! so, I had a Vanilla Shake and French Fries. I know, I know but it was in sync with the rest of the whole experience. Another memorable little episode of my life.
Now I need to make time to read this long awaited book.
PS: I now know what that bicycle game is called: Bicycle Polo!!! Of course

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