Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Fountain Blow" or "Fontainebleau"

While in Provence one cannot miss the fountains that adorn the center of the village's.plaza Those were used every day by villagers in order to live. Today most are not in function or in bad need of repairs. Some now have signs that detours one from drinking from it: "Eau non potable". But luckily some are still spewing their fresh spring water and regale us by their bubbly sounds. In any case I absolutely love them. I have photographed hundreds. Six years ago vacationing in Lourmarin I started getting up early before my companions to do some drawing on the terrace starting the day with a reverence for the Fountain. Those took on a live of their own and grew on the pages. I personified them and gave them capes or jars in order to hide their godlike bodies. It became a series of Fountain Blow drawings. They are waiting to be taking their threads as someday they will be made into quilts. Here they are:
Then those few strange little drawings were done at the same time. Just because the time was right.
And then for the end something that is on the board until I am ready to tackle on the last of Fish Lake. My studio is almost ready for action, in the meantime I am playing with those in the living room.


Iliana said...

You are so talented! I love your drawings and can only imagine how wonderful they'll be as quilts. You have to remember to post any progress pictures :)

Dovinsia said...

Nice drawings! They look cool and look like they have a hidden meaning behind them.

I became ur follower just cos of these drawings hehe. Check out my blog too if u have time! I would love to hear what you think of my drawings aswell. They're not as cool as yours tho!

Look it up at:

Way to go! Keep drawing cos they are cool!