Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring is around my corner

Do you recall that sweet smell in the air that says nature is waking up? This morning it was all around me. I could only think of one thing: Go outside for a long walk and breath in deeply the Spring Liquor that is in the Air. So I did. Gaia seemed to wake up too and we only stopped shortly to take few pictures along the way.

It turns out that it just didn't happen overnight. How could I be so blind to not notice those before? What are they anyway? I will have to look them up.

I should have some of those in my yard shortly. I am a bit envious...

Another thing I didn't know!!! So many things by the way,  but right around was the birthplace of the American crooner Bing Crosby?!!! Did you know that? Cute house with a view of Commencement Bay. I bet he could not help but sing sweet little soft songs every morning growing up looking at all that beauty.

There are old streets around my corner. I do love them, all expose and not embarrass to show their age. I might have to learn from that one. New take on life: "Feel more like a Tacoma Old Town Street Pavement"

Nice couple of statues in front of this apartment building. I love how random it looks in this place.

Back at home, I am waiting for a cup of tea to brew, wanting to cozy up for an hour with "The History of Love" by Nicole Krauss. Like her husband (Jonathan Safran Foer) She has a way of making the character materialize in your mind in a flash. You then believe that you have known them all your life.
 Anyway I am still nesting in Tacoma, trying to find a new way to grow and fit in this new suit of life. It is definitely worth living for, especially when Spring is just around my corner.

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