Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home, It is where I belong!

I have finally a place to call "Home". A place that is unveiling each day old and new discoveries. A place where I sleep and can be me. I place that is surrounded with an aura of love and meaningful history. So we have moved on the 23 and 24th of December into that old neglected house that choose us It did! It has captured my soul and I have not been able to think of any other house, being conflicted with my best judgement I still fell in love and it was a consuming affair that would not let go Finally the affair has been consummated and now that reality and sanity is back I realized how crazy this venture is. I still see the potential and I do love the house, I just don't know if all my idea will come to fruit. It is going to be a different and interesting new life in the old town of Tacoma. I hear sirens, I hear military planes over my head, I see people walking down the street, I see and hear life around me. Things that I have craved and wish for and here I am having all that I wished for and you know the saying: " Be careful what you wish for!" All that is all very new and scary and exiting at the same time. Anyway I am nesting and trying to make sense into all that. I have lived in this country 28 years. I have moved 9 times in those years. This is the first time that 4 neighbors have actually come to the house bringing goodies, stopped and welcomed us to the neighborhood and seemed like the picture perfect scenario that you see on all the sitcoms and movies on TV and films depicting people moving to a new place. I had done it to people but that was a first for me to have that welcome feeling. Waou! Could I finally have arrived to where I belong? time will tell for that. The raccoon that lives in one of the "black Locust" trees in the front of the house is also a neighbor that I really like. Very low key creature that comes and goes without much of a pattern or agenda. Sounds a lot like me!!
So we ended with having a Christmas at home. Unlike any other Christmas before, no gifts, no decorations, no tra la la, just being happy to have a home. Emily and Travis came for two days and we celebrated on the 26 with a nice dinner and few meaningful gifts and the pleasure of each others company. Paul was missed greatly, my boy has challenges that requires all his focus at the moment. I respect him for that.
Anyway things are not all marvelous with this old lady house but we are going to deal ourselves with meeting her needs and challenges as they come and try to priorities, make list and pray for clemency. We have had some visitors already from New Jersey and Vancouver, WA, yey.  No Television for two weeks of any kind. Movies from Netflix and NPR radio, what more could we need anyway. I didn't mention my Viking gas stove that I just adore. I have done some pretty fun dinners already. Nothing too crazy but with such a pleasure with the burners that can be tweaked to the right temperature. Just LOVE it. The kitchen is a great room. The rust (red rock Nancy) granite is amazing. Big grey veins going through the rust. Can you tell I am bragging? Yes I am. The cabinets are going all the way to the ceiling. Way too high for my small stature. Well I organized the pantry in the mud room and all those tall cabinets are empty and might remain so. We might not have an entertainment room as we had before but I think that there is potential for one in the basement next to the wine cellar... All we need is time and maybe win the lottery. That is all!
My studio, that is the love affair that I will have to reserve a whole entry just by itself for. I am going to love that space way up in the rafter where I will mingle with  the birds and the clouds. Will the hummingbirds come that high? I don' t know!
One other thing. Things are already growing in the yard!!!! The iris and crocus, the peonies, the rhododendrons, the trees have few buds. I would have to wait for five more months in Alaska to see the grass!!!!

The weather has been pretty cold though. Lots of rain and we are waiting for a big snow storm in the next two days. It is OK,. I love to have seasons, 4 that is not just 2. Anyway that is the update for the Stoners of Tacoma report. We are at home at last!


BookPlease said...

May you be very happy in your new home - it looks lovely.

roxanestoner said...

Thank you Margaret! A very good Year to you and your loved ones.

Iliana said...

It's so beautiful! Oh congratulations Roxane. I hope your new home is filled with a lot of love and happiness. I cannot wait to hear about your studio! You must share. I am pretty fortunate to have a studio and have been meaning to post about it but you know how that goes. Anyway, enjoy making your new house into your home.