Saturday, January 16, 2010

January is not that bad!

January has always been a difficult month ever since I live in Alaska. Why? because it is still very dark, the let down after the holidays, the realization that winter is only going to last another 4 to 5 months!!!! but, now that I know that it is probably my last one I am enjoying every single day. Snowy days, grey days, short days, sunny days, very cold and crispy days. I am saying my goodbyes with this frozen paradise or frozen hell. Hard to decide on a label for this forsaken corner of the World.

Since my house is for sale and all is organized I am starting to relax a tiny bit. Enough so I can do some drawing and thinking on quilts to finish and more planning ahead.

I have done some dreaming over the future house something that might not happen for quite a while. Not much movement in this economy in the house business. Well I am feeling pretty cozy inside and I am looking forward to stay put for a while. Really.

Tonight was Bunco night. It was great to meet with my friends again. That monthly ritual where we can cheat chat about nothing and everything over a very stupid game of dice. Margaritas are the staples. Who ever decided to mix Tequila lime and triple sec was a genius. Ha

So all is well in this little break time. This little respite before the madness starts again. Before I blink again and asked myself "Was it all a dream?" as I do often for those important moments of my life.

I have started "The Lacuna" and want to move on with it and that will happen in the next few days. There is a lot of words that might be necessary but that don't really make it for me at this time. I might try to start it all over again and see if the flow is coming better the next time around. Right now it is water disappearing down my fingers. I know my hands are wet but I can't see what has passed through them. Maybe I need a bucket!!!! to gaze in that beautiful transparency.
Another book that I am eager to start is "The Maze Runner". Everything that has to do with Maze and Labyrinth is for me a source of interest. A dystopian story of a boy waking up in a maze with no memory of where he came from. That reminds me of the trilogy of Lois Lowry "The Giver", "Gathering Blue" and "The Messenger". I just loved those three books. The first one being my favorite and I was so heart broken at the end. It was the most beautiful ending one that makes you feel every description to it's fullest. You, the reader had no certainty of what really was happening to the main character. I am kind of moving to a whole different topic. Oops!

I am also looking forward to July when Tana French's new book will come out. I might have to order it from the UK so to get it 2 weeks before the US. Anyone getting an advance copy from the publisher being able to tell me if it is as good as her first two novels?

Going back to present time. More time for Yoga too. Should be able to practice four times a week now. Yey.

Time to wrap up my little novel here. It is getting late.


Deb H said...

Roxane, your words are like poetry. I feel like I've decompressed a bit just reading them.

I wish you weren;t moving away, but hope for your sake, that someone buys your home sooner rather that later. I know how hard it is to wait for a buyer. When we sold our house in Michigan, I felt like I was on edge every day until someone finally came along & bought it. So many times I cleaned & polished, trying to keep it spotless, & backed cookies for every showing. Ultimately the guy who bought our house, just stopped one day when we were out in the garden & asked what we were selling it for, & could he take a tour? There were a couple of dirty coffee cups in the sink, & a sweater laying on the bed. No cookies on the table, & he bought it anyway!

roxanestoner said...

Thank you Deb! Isn't it always when you are not prepared or when you don't wait for something to happen that it does? It never fails for me. All I need now is to forget that the house is for sale. ha!