Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book Club and other fun things.

The Fair Readers met this Monday night at Donna's for an evening of fun. A low attendance of 4 then 5 but very nice gathering. We all agreed that Jumpah Lahiri is a great author and the short stories little gems. Ruth talked about her adventures as a disk jokey for a local Hawaian Radio Program, Donna showed us her beautiful wedding picture and her many treasures, Jenifer cozied up under an antique Irish chain quilt, Linda graced us of her presence event though she had been busy with a previous engagement. Donna had made her now famous Hawaian Lemon Cake and Ruth brought fresh fruit. We had an interesting collection of nuts or every size and colors. Some of us washed all that down with white wine and others with Ice Tea. A mother Moose and her very new Calf came by for a spell.
We discussed many potential reads but decided with those two. "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery and "The Memorist" by JM Rose. Quite a bit different read. It will be interesting to see who decides to read what or both... We ended up talking about the Middle East and Africa through different books and personal experiences. We were late coming home and that gave us the opportunity to watch the sunset, something I had not seen for a while. The sun sets around 11:3o pm those days.
On another note I have been really busy in the studio. Just few peak and sneak pictures. Can't really show you the finish deals until later but that gives you a taste.

Oh yesterday I tried the new restaurant "Muse" at the Museum... cute name and clever too hey? Still managed by the Marx Brothers Restaurant. I was meeting Lorraine I had the seafood chowder with a roasted golden beets salad with pine nuts, mix greens and chevre, a glass of Merlot from the Gordon Brothers Winery, Columbia Valley in Washington State and three "boules" of Raspberry sorbet. Just yummy. Lorraine had the chowder with a mix green salad the very decadent chocolate cake and a glass of Malbec. Life is very nice sometimes. We toured the new empty space of the Museum, admired the view from the 4th floor and took a look at the gift shop.


Carol said...

Décidement, les musées en Alaska semblent drolement plus sympa qu'ici !!!! Tes récits mettent l'eau à la bouche ! Enfin, quand je dis "l'eau" !!!!
A propos de "l'Elegance du Hérisson" tu me diras...Dans mon groupe de lecture, on n'a pas beaucoup aimé et pas du tout la fin !

roxanestoner said...

Tu vas bientot pouvoir te rendre compte par toi meme. J'ai hate que tu arrives. Yeay!!! Pour le livre je suis un peu decue de savoir que tu n'a pas aime. Nous en discuterons. Bisous.

Denise said...

I regret missing the book club! I planted my garden until 6:30pm! The Interpreter of Maladies was a wonderful travel book. You are right, Roxane, I didn't want the stories to end when they did. ZD

Denise said...
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Anonymous said...

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