Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rayons de Soleil de Printemps, etc...

I finished my little quilt for the Collage Mania 2009. Not your typical yellow sunshine but a chlorophyll sun filled symbolizing the new growth on the way. Spring is happening not quite here but the Calendar says so. It was snowing yesterday and the day before but we are getting in the 40's during the day so there is some melting going on. The activity of the birds has been amazing also for a week so yes Spring is happening. Where was I oh yeah, College Mania well I don't think that the two other design that I have made are going to be finished on time. It feels really nice to be working again. I draw on birch again and I really like that. I am going to bead and stitch a big area to that piece. Then I added bronze to "My Monsters". I took pictures but they were so blurry. It will have to wait.
On another note my friend Lorraine who donated some money to the American Cancer Society got those beautiful Daffodils from the Society and shared them with me. That also brought some sunshine in the house. Thank you Lorraine. She brought Collin to visit too so that was another Sunshine. His smile is liquid gold. Thank you also to everyone who sent cards, called, gave donations and contributed in any way to support us in this difficult time in our lives. You have no idea what comfort you have been. I am sure that Gaylene would have been very touched.
Something else is going on. Mt Redoubt has erupted for about a week now and it is quite an event. Homer was covered in Ash two days ago. So far we have been spared but it is a bit unnerving. Pretty spooky at night isn't it?
PS: Well I spooked too soon..ahhaha. Spoke I meant of course. An ash cloud came over Anchorage and some is falling on us as I am typing. Really light right now. So there you have it.


Anonymous said...

I hope you do not get too covered in ash Roxanne. I hope everything is going well during the winter soon it will be spring again.
I wish to see the volcano. I bet it sounds thunderous at times.

roxanestoner said...

You would take amazing pictures of the volcano. Not much ashes just a little dusting so far. People are having challenges getting in and out of the airport though with the airlines cancelling flights. Hope you are having some fun times in PA. Thank you Rick.

Nanc said...

I love the way your Collage Mania piece turned out, Roxane! Very cool!

Can't wait to see you!

Deb H said...

Your Collage piece is wonderful Roxane. It's so You!

The Mt Redoubt photo is amazing! At least the fresh snow has whitened things up.