Friday, May 16, 2008

It's back at home

I went to the Anchorage Museum to pick up "Outside With Francis Bacon" which had been traveling for a year with the "Earth, Fire, Fibre" exhibit. I was glad that it didn't sale like the other two ("Bee Charmer" and "Jean Dans la Lune") because it is part of a serie that I hope to show all together sometime, somewhere, where it is appropriate. Anyway here it is in all it's splendor...tee hee hee. I might as well show the others that accompany the number one... By the way it is not suppose to be pretty. It is a weird, shocking and crazy serie that makes a lot of raising of the eyebrow. I am proud of it though... There is a number four but is not finished. Then there will be a number 5 that is not even in the making yet. That is all for now!


BooksPlease said...

You say this is not meant to be pretty and that it is weird, shocking and crazy and I can see what you mean. Yet the colours are beautiful, the design is intricate and it is fascinating, so much to take in. (I clicked on it and saw in more detail all the contortions within the body of the figure.) I don't find it shocking, but I admit that Bacon is not my favourite artist!

roxanestoner said...

Bacon was a shocker. He had the power to move the viewer into some kind of malaise and question mark. His use of movement in his paintings is very inovative. The matter was visceral and disturbing, sometimes even violent. I admire the passion that translated on the canvas but the individual was really hard to like... Although my piece has no relation other than the pink of the human figure it has the same sense of "Outsider" strangeness and some undercover, unclear elements. Thank you so much for your commnents.